Ideas for Anniversaries

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Great ideas to do with your partner on your anniversary!Celebrate your life together by doing... Read more something fun and challenging! We have some great ideas for you to do as a couple, and you can choose from the thrilling to the sedate – but always fun!...

    Want to do something fun together for your anniversary? Whether you have been together for 1 year or for 50, you will find something that the both of you can do together.
    1-Why not learn something new together?
- Do an Archery course together and learn this fun sport as a couple! Archery Fun...
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- If you like water, why not learn about Stand Up Paddle Boarding and see what all the fuss is about!
- If you have only ever climbed indoors, or you have never climbed at all, why not learn how to climb outdoors with some great companies.
    2 - If you would just like to relax, you can also do this as well with some of these great activities:
- Sit back and relax on your very. own yacht for the day, and sit back and relax as you see the world go by.
- Take a hack together on the back of a horse and enjoy all the great scenery around you.
- Take a Segway tour and marvel at these amazing machines together as you have a great time taking a tour or doing a Segway course.
    3- If you want to get your adrenaline pumping and try something brand new, why not try something fun like the suggestions below:
- Feel the breeze on your face and the fresh air in your lungs as you race around the water! Powerboating Fun
- Try this fun activity together and have an amazing time! Canyoning will give you a thrill.
- Try this challenging activity with each other and explore the coast in a different way to how you have before with coasteering . ...

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